Check Out Details of Our Metal Brackets

The Truss Bracket

  • 20 gauge (.036” thk.) electro-galvanized carbon steel.
  • Configurable depending on which tabs are bent.
  • A full wraparound design, which creates a very rigid and accurate junction.
  • Designed for 2x6.
  • Designed with smart alignment features and anti-wood splitting hardware hole patterns.
  • Angle alignment features to ensure the correct angles and lengths without the need for miter cuts.

The "T" Bracket

  • 20 gauge (.036” thk.) electro-galvanized carbon steel.
  • A modular design used in edge-to-edge and edge-to-face connections.
  • Able to fit 2x4 and 2x6 standard lumber sizes.
  • Designed to strengthen connections and minimize structural racking.

Folding the Truss Bracket


Step 1

The parts arrive at the site in the flat — no bulky boxes with inconsistently formed products.


Step 2

Parts are then easily folded by hand — you can fold them over a wood beam to make it even easier.


Step 3

After the 2 main folds are done, then fold the tabs, and leave the internal tabs if a center beam is not being used.


Step 4

The bracket can then be wrapped around the beams and secured with fasteners. Screws are recommended instead of nails — this is important if deconstruction is necessary.

Miter cuts are not necessary for this application

Once all the fasteners have been installed, this union of beams behaves like a solid piece. Because the bracket fully wraps the wood, there is no movement, and the stiffness is extremely strong.


Folding the "T" Bracket


Step 1

Like the previous one, this bracket comes in flat and is very easy to fold with only 3 bends!


Step 2

With one 90 deg bend and two 45's, this bracket folds up in seconds.


Step 3

This is a very unique bracket as it functions like a nail plate but with the added strength of corner gussets. Don't be fooled by this bracket — its strength is actually 10x that of a nail plate.


Structure Option

There are plenty of opportunities for the T bracket, like in this corner structure.